Breaking the cycle of abuse – Beverly Engel

Adult children of dysfunctional parents are often shocked when words come out of their mouths that sound exactly like their parents. A cycle of abuse the continues from generation to generation. Habits can operate unconsciously repeating what we didn’t like about our parents. How does it happen, and also, how can it be stopped? Breaking the cycle of […]

The Narcissist and Social Media 📱 (Covert Narcissism)

hello and welcome this is M from narcissistic abuse rehab a safe place for survivors and recovery can find awareness empowerment in healing our topic for today is the nice assistant social media we’re going to discuss the narcissists social media you new supply of social media but flying monkey social media and what you can do now […]

Social media, narcissism and developing a way to stop emotional flashbacks (London 2015)

(whooshing) (clanking) – Narcissism has always been around, of course, but it is being deliberately fostered in us. We are encouraged– All personality disorders are growing. This is a crazy world. It’s a crazy-making world. Our consciousness is deliberately being pulled apart every day. Stick on the TV. You can’t even watch the news without propaganda slipping in […]

The Upside of Social Media Narcissism

An older colleague of mine, Huw, often complains about “kids these days–with their tweeting, Facebook. A whole generation of self-absorbed, narcissistic people.” Narcissism is defined as the obsession with your appearance, being extremely egotistical, or having an unhealthy admiration of your intellect. Is the millennial generation really more narcissistic than previous generations? And are sites like Facebook to […]

The Psychology of Trolling

Since you’re watching SciShow, you’re probably pretty familiar with the Internet — it’s full of information and awesome communities. But, like any cool and kinda-magical place, it has its dark sides… Even its very own trolls. Trolling is used to describe a lot of different situations. But, basically, it’s when someone posts an off-topic or inflammatory comment to […]


Hi, Youtube family Lisa a romano here the breakthrough [light] coach, and I’ve been asked to do a video That addresses how it is [we] [codependence] or recovering Codependence can prepare ourselves to leave a narcissistic relationship um There’s no way around it dear ones if you’re codependent life sucks, [and] if you’re married to a narcissist life […]