Trackers | Season 1 Episode 2 Preview | Cinemax

♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ JANINA MENTZ:What do we think they’re bringing in?My money’s on a dirty bomb. AGENT: Whatever it is they’re planningto bring into the country,it could be coming from anywhere.ROLANDA MARAIS: I may have something.You find the girl, you retrieve the diamonds, and then you’ll get your money. How fast can you get a full […]

23 Identity Construction and Confusion 2 from How The Monkees Changed Television

As they were putting the show together the original credits give him that name. By the time it finally gets on the air they’ve gone to Micky Dolenz. Don’t know why but now suddenly the character the goofy crazy one is Micky Dolenz and the problem with that is we don’t know who the real guys are and […]

NEW Makita Jobsite Radio (DMR113) & Portable Bluetooth Speaker DMR203

This is the DMR 113 and the DMR 203 they’re Makita’s latest job site radio solutions. First with the radio features stereo speakers on either side and the subwoofer underneath for a bit of extra doof. It’s an am/fm radio with the antenna built into the handle and it’s got bluetooth for audio streaming from your device or […]

School Dance; Light Gone; Russian President Tops most Powerful List – ListenMi News

What’s going on in the news this week Let me tell you what’s going on this week round up the news for this week ListenMi ListenMi ListenMi News. Alright! Kids from Maggotty broke out well “cockaty” In their uniforms and showing off their property Who wasn’t showing brasserie was baring their underwear They must have a Masters in […]

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