Biggest Esports Announcement Ever? | Custa News Network

winter wonderland overwatch League 2020 moves and the biggest announcement in overwatch League history this is Custa News Network First things first we got winter wonderland we got new skins the most important thing that everybody cares about with overwatch we’ve got doomfist skin obviously my favorite character I’m gonna crush with him that’s actually such cool skin […]

Lionel Richie Tells Kelly Everyone At ‘American Idol’ Wants To Be Like Her

– Do you think we’re color coordinated here? – I know! We called each other, they don’t know. Or I just stalked you outside your house. – You are hilarious. – Oh, you’re nice. I just get lost and I go make a joke until you know what you’re doing. – If you know how much, I hear […]

Meet Blackpink, The K-Pop Girl Group Breaking Internet Music Records

Narrator: BLACKPINK is the hottest act in global music right now. The Korean dancing, singing, and rapping quartet got over 56 million views in less than 24 hours for their hit single “Kill This Love.” Now, this makes it the largest video premiere on the platform, just barely beating out Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next.” Don’t know who […]


– [Sami] Benjamin? – [Benjamin] Hello, Sami. – [Sami] How are you doing, Benjamin? – [Benjamin] I’m good, I’m very good. Actually, I’m currently rehearsing with my own group. – [Sami] Cool. – [Benjamin] I play tablas as well. – [Sami] I checked your profile, cool stuff. – [Benjamin] Thank you, very much. Wow, I feel so honored […]

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