Paul Mason on Tory Lies, The Media Machine and What We Can Do About It

I’ve worked in the media for 30 years I know that the hostility to labour leaders who want to change things is what lies behind all of this. if there was a Labour leader who said “that’s fine guys, keep your profits, keep your carbon burning fracking industry, the press would leave them alone. There’s a kind of […]

Controversial Radio Show – Earth Radio Network is shocking truth radio

You can’t handle the truth under health Wolves Saturday night july 8:15 or 2017 Benjamin knight. What did they say the bilderberg group as you like it? The good Dr.. Drake is out tonight along with Double-a. They’re both attending to other business They shall return next Saturday night as you heard Benjamin knight is in studio with […]

The Media Battlefield

While a media struggle is part of any modern political confrontation, in recent years the battle over the hearts and minds of Western men and women has strongly intensified. For several decades most of what is often called the mainstream media in the West was dominated by a certain broad ideological current, marked by neo-liberalism, social progressivism, globalism, […]

#QANON – 7 facts the MEDIA (MSM) Won’t Admit

Is QAnon a sophisticated plot of President Trump’s team designed to elude the mainstream media’s control? Or is QAnon just a dude in a hoodie behind a computer trolling the internet with conspiracies? Do his posts prove that he’s working on Trump’s team? and if so, why is the media working so hard to discredit him? on this […]

#QAnon: 4 Stories Mainstream Media Avoids Like the Plague

The largest criminal organization in the United States? Drugs that can cause an overdose just from grazing your hand? A plot in the dark for sex trafficking, human trafficking and experimenting on people The media doesn’t seem to be telling us the whole story on purpose. Why? All this and more on today’s episode of the Edge of […]

How Trump beats the media ft. Larry O’Connor | #TruthStraightUp

♪ O’Connor: I keep hearing the relationship between the media and President Trump is “the worst we’ve ever seen in history.” And okay, maybe that’s true, but it’s not because the media suddenly found animosity for a conservative president. No, they’ve always hated conservative presidents. Just look at the old videos of Reagan and both Bushes. This is […]

Media Bias is Real and It’s Changing the World | Joseph (Jake) Klein

Is media bias a problem? Ask almost any conservative and you’ll get a resounding “yes”. But according to a 2017 Gallup poll, 27% of Americans still don’t believe the news media favor either political party and another 10% have no opinion. And 22% of Americans believe the media are biased in favor of Republicans. Clearly, to understand this […]

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