Mark Ruffalo – Playing a Real-Life Hero in True Horror Story “Dark Waters” | The Daily Show

Welcome to the show. -(cheering, whistling, applause) -So good to have you. That’s so nice. This is… this is amazing. They don’t do that when I go home. What are you… That would be creepy if they just followed you home cheering as you’re just walking home. -My kids! -Oh! Welcome to the show. Thank you. It’s great […]

SUSPIRIA Headline Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2018

– [Luca] I think that Dario’s movie is a masterpiece of all times and it’s something that has inspired generations of people and filmmakers alike. And so I think that it’s more an homage than something different. – [Tilda] What we’ve done is we’ve made a cover version, if you like, of a song that we love. And […]

Star Wars: 5 Ways the Emperor is Alive in The Rise of Skywalker! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– This episode of Nerdist News is sponsored by Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Here are five ways how the emperor could still be alive in “Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker”. Folks we are less than a month out from Star Wars episode nine completing the Skywalker saga with the aptly titled, The Rise Of Skywalker. And […]

OUTLAW KING Headline Gala | BFI London FIlm Festival 2018

– [James] Thinking about revenge? – [Man 1] Where’s Robert? Where’s your husband? – [Elizabeth] We don’t know. – It tears out the soul. – [Man 2] Where’s your brother? – No. – But it can also be a weapon. – [Chris] Amongst many different themes, I think the one that’s most important to me is this meditation […]

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