NBA Ankle Breaking Crossover Moves: How to DROP your defender (HD)

Wha’s the Chris Bosh scale of nasty? Hi I’m coach Collin Castellaw with Shot your free online training source. And today we have a countdown of the top 3 moves NBA players use to break their defenders ankles. #3 the in and out cross demonstrated by Stephen Curry. The in and out cross is a quick combo […]

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Powerful Text Portrait from a Photo

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. I’m going to show you how to create a powerful text portrait. This is an update of a tutorial I did quite awhile ago on an earlier version of Photoshop. This version is more streamlined and efficient. Open a photo you’d like to use for this project. I downloaded this […]

AFC Cup final moved from Pyeongyang to Shanghai following media concerns

north Korea has lost the right to host the final of the Asia’s second-tier club competition that it’s the decision on Tuesday by the Asian Football Confederation comes a week after the surreal World Cup qualifier match between the two Koreas which was played in an empty stadium in Pyongyang would no live media coverage and a statement […]

Television and Newspaper Breakups & 2014 Innovation Arizona Summit & Hazel and Violet Ink

17:17:55:03>>>Coming up next on “Arizona 17:30:11:27 Horizon,” the parent company of 17:30:14:12 two major local media outlets is 17:30:16:21 splitting up its broadcast and 17:30:18:21 newspaper holdings. 17:30:20:09>>>An upcoming event looks to 17:30:21:21 focus on the life cycle of 17:30:23:24 innovation. 17:30:24:06>>And we’ll see how old 17:30:25:09 technology is being used to 17:30:26:18 create contemporary art. 17:30:29:03>>>Those stories […]