Tony Robbins: Break the Cycle of Negative Thinking ( Tony Robbins Mindset )

Music I can’t control whether you’re husband and wife will live or die or get sick or leave you or get a divorce I don’t want any of that to happen any healing day I hate suffering I do anything I can’t help people’s not suffer but I can’t control that you can you can there are people […]

Lessons That Failure And Radio Taught Me | RJ Ginnie | Josh Talks

Whenever we go to a new organization we immediately try to fit within the organization we wear clothes like them, starting conversing like them sometimes because our bosses smoke cigarettes, we start smoking Because we all want to fit in I had a really good job, it was a perfect job I was what everybody should be once […]

How To Follow Your Heart and Find Success | RJ Sayema | Radio Mirchi | Josh Talks

I had a degree in Lectureship and was freelancing as an RJ I had got an ultimatum from both ends I could choose to either become a Lecturer or Radio presenter After years of efforts, I had become a lecturer because isn’t that what I wanted to become But I can’t leave the radio Because if I leave […]