How Was Video Invented?

[Click] [High-pitched CRT TV noise] Film is a very straightforward technology. It just involves taking a two-dimensional image, and focusing it on to a two-dimensional piece of film, and there you have a photo. But video, and by that, I mean moving electronic images, has a very different history with a lot of changes that have really transformed […]

Department of Film, Television and Media Arts Overview Video

Department of film television and media arts is a program based on visual storytelling in a variety of formats including narrative documentary commercial corporate and web-based video productions. Here at Quinnipiac our curriculum is designed to give students the technical and narrative tools to tell their own stories and bring them to life on screen apart from studying […]

The First Colour Moving Pictures at the National Science and Media Museum

It’s just seven years since the public first experienced cinema in London, but this shot is not black and white, as you might expect; it’s not been toned, it’s not been tinted, it’s not been hand-coloured. It’s in natural colour – photographed that way. It comes from the National Media Museum collection and its recent discovery prompted a […]