Ellen Shares Fitness Inspo from Chris Hemsworth and Average Andy

There’s so much to celebrate this time of year. I had a great Thanksgiving. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving as well. [APPLAUSE] Portia made a wonderful turkey, one of those that you traced with your hand on the– so proud of her. She put the beak in the right place. And it’s up on the refrigerator. […]

Norm Macdonald Reacts to O.J. Simpson’s Twitter – Lights Out with David Spade

All right, we had a, uh… some, uh, questions from the crowd, uh, from the audience. We’re calling this part of the show “Q and A.” -MILLER: Beautiful. -Um, actually… -What does that stand for? -Uh, I’ll start with the, uh… I’ll start with one. Who… crushed the hardest on “Update”? -A-As a guest? -SPADE: Yeah. -Carvey? Yeah. […]

Ellen’s Advice to Get Through a Stressful Thanksgiving Holiday

Thank you so much, everybody, for being here. And thank you at home for watching. And thank you for being here and then going home and watching to look for yourselves– [LAUGHTER] –on TV, feeling very thankful because it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. [CHEERING] Which means there’s only one more day until you find yourself saying, no, Grandma, not all […]

Kristen Bell Makes a Surprise Appearance at the Thanksgiving Table

Well, it is almost Thanksgiving. And you’re here on a good day because Tom Hanks is here. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] So it makes it our Hanksgiving show. [LAUGHS] A lot of Thanksgiving traditions. One tradition we have on this show is every year I try to help you get ready for the holidays. I know that you’re going […]

Ellen’s New Millennial Challenge After Rotary Phone Fail

How many millennials do we have here? [CHEERING] OK. All right. Probably you already know about this, so I’ll catch everybody else up on this. Last week, a lot of millennials were saying, OK, boomer. It was all over Twitter and Instagram. It’s a meme that makes fun of baby boomers for being out of touch. Like this […]

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