News Wire with Ayza Omar | 5th Feb: Kashmir Solidarity Day | Ep 35 | Indus News

hello and welcome to newswire I'm either Omer Kashmir has always been a sticking point between India and Pakistan both blaming each other from them for not being able to resolve the issue or not having honest intentions to resolve the issue meanwhile the locals the Kashmiri is they pay the price in rapidly rising body bags for […]

Pak-India Tension: FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi | News Wire Bites | Indus News

now we are joined by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan mr shah mahmud Qureshi thank you for joining us here or news wire you wrote a letter to the secretary-general of the United Nations what prompted you to write the letter you see the way India is building a frenzy the way they are being jingoistic gives me […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | India Fueling Hatred | Ep 43 | Indus News

hello and welcome to newswire I am aiza oh ma now Russia China and the US have all three of them have come forward with statements supporting the escalation between parks Pakistan in India through talks the UN has also offered to mediate between the two countries given that both countries will take them as a third party […]