How Was Video Invented?

[Click] [High-pitched CRT TV noise] Film is a very straightforward technology. It just involves taking a two-dimensional image, and focusing it on to a two-dimensional piece of film, and there you have a photo. But video, and by that, I mean moving electronic images, has a very different history with a lot of changes that have really transformed […]

Philo Farnsworth and the Invention of Electronic Television

Philo Farnsworth is nearly universally given credit as the inventor of electronic television. His first transmission of an image via his television system occurred in 1927, and it was an incredibly big deal. But his invention had less to do with the television in your house, and more to do with the camera in the studio. Today, we’ll […]

Who invented the Mechanical Television? Google Doodle for 90th Anniversary of the first TV Demo

Today the search Engine Google is showing a Doodle for the 90th Anniversary of the first demonstration of Television. On 26 January 1926, the TV inventor John Logie Baird had showed first public demonstration of his mechanical Television for the members of the Royal Institution and a reporter from The Times in his laboratory at London. Mechanical television […]

Television Machine with 4 LED – Stripes (Fernsehbild mit LED – Leisten)

____________Television_____ ____________in a extraordinary__ ________________way._______ Today we even have a record theme. In the Guinness Book you find a Television – Machine here. We have this unique TV-Machine here in our studio. This is the new tv-set. It looks like a reaper (for grain). Here we have LED – stripes. 4 stripes are necessary (required) for this system. […]

Mechanical Television: Incredibly simple, yet entirely bonkers

In my last video, we explored how analog television works. You can check out the whole video either through this card or through the link in the description, but here’s a brief overview. At its core, analog television is just an amplitude modulated radio transmission where the strength of the signal dictates brightness of a light source, with […]