The Social Media Content programme – online training for comms and marketing pros

If you’re a comms or marketing pro, in any sector, who wants to make your social media more creative, and you want to feel really confident that you can get loads more likes shares and comments on your posts – I’ve got a course for you that I’m dying to tell you about. I’m going to tell you […]

Three tips for a successful B2B social media strategy | Need-to-know

Did you know that almost half the world’s population are on social media? Not really a surprise! That’s a lot of potential clients in one place, so it’s surprising that so many B2B brands still overlook social media when creating their marketing strategy. There’s a misconception that social media marketing only works for B2C brands, but it’s just […]

How to Pitch the Media: Editor DJ Carey, Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

– [Debi] No. Keep in it real. – [DJ] Yeah. – [Brenda] You sound amazing, by the way. – [DJ] So real that no one’s going to pitch me now. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Debi] DJ, thank you so much for meeting with me today, to talk a little bit about the publishing and PR profession. – [DJ] […]

Social Media and Customer Service Compared to Burgers and Fries

There we are. Hey everyone, this is Bob Cargill, it is Monday, October 3, 2016, and I’m taking a short walk during a short lunch break and walking around Allston for a few minutes…and I love to take walks, it’s good to get out and get some fresh air during the day. Otherwise, I’m sitting down either in […]

FloorForce + Social Media = Toll Booth 2 Customers

and I don’t think people understand you can literally build a brand overnight with the audience and the targeting on Facebook, extract the value out of that platform, that’s a multi-billion dollar platform, – Like, the whole idea of Facebook from the day it was born was to connect with people on campus, right? And obviously, when they […]

How to Plan and Automate Your Social Media Strategy (Make Money Online)

– Automating your social media strategy this year. (upbeat music) I was recently invited to speak and present at Boss Con Live. Today I’m gonna show you and take you behind the scenes to how the key note looks like, so that you can automate your social media strategy. (record scratching) When a person lands on your page, […]

Plastic Surgery Marketing Basics For Plastic Surgeons | Advice Media

Hi, I’m Rachel a digital marketing account manager here at Advice Media. In this section we will be discussing digital marketing channels that help generate new patients for your practice. You’re likely familiar with traditional marketing methods like TV commercials, billboards, and radio ads. However, it is important and encourage that Plastic Surgeons explore digital marketing options as […]

Accountable Digital Review of Bionic Media Planning Software

(bright electronic music) Accountable Digital is really centered on the fact that digital marketing is supposed to help drive business results. We’re trying to help our clients sell more stuff. Couple years ago, we decided that process was one of our core focuses from the standpoint of us being able to work more efficiently. Bionic helped facilitate process. […]

Social Media Marketing | Social Media Marketing Principles You Might Not Know (English/Chinese Sub)

Hey, what’s up guys, It’s Janus Tiu. In case you who I am, I am a brand strategist. In short, I design brands. But I believe good designs are not enough. We need extraordinary designs that improve conversation rate and increase revenue. Today I am gonna tell you the principles to sell more by using social media marketing. […]

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