Breaking Innovation II – Zerstörung von innen – LinkedIn Micro-Series

Unternehmen zerstören ihre Innovationsfähigkeit selbst. Wie das passiert und welche Fehler es zu vermeiden gilt erfahrt ihr in dieser Micro Series zu Breaking Innovation. Mein Name ist Thorsten Reiter und ich freue mich, dass du deinen Weg zum zweiten Video dieser Serie gebahnt hast. Für alle vorherigen Videos klicke einfach auf den “Folgen”-Button in meinem LinkedIn-Profil und schaue […]

YorkTalks 2020: Are LGBT+ networks inside the NHS breaking the mould?

People think that having LGBT networks is a good thing and that they promote equality and diversity in the workplace. But what is the evidence base for this claim, really? In short, it’s limited. Our research at York into lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender employee networks within the NHS is about to change this. We were generously supported by […]

Angriffen in Social Media trotzen – so funktioniert Krisenmanagement

My name is Thorsten and I am the director for corporate communications at Weber Shandwick Germany. As part of the area of corporate communications we added the area of issues and crisis communications which I have been working with for 10 years now. My name is Johanna, I am working with the corporate communications team in Berlin and […]

The Computer Information Technology Program at Pellissippi State

Have you always been drawn to the exciting world of technology? Do you want the opportunity to design your own software program or even pursue the vital security field of cyber defense? Pellissippi State Community College offers the path to earn your degree in Computer Information Technology. With concentrations in cyber defense, networking, programming, and systems administration and […]

Bachelor in Information Systems Management – Student Samuel Gonzalez

I first started with acting and then I discovered my interest in music and theatre production It´s my passion So throughout my life I thought that you can change people´s life with communication and now we have the power of technology to bring that to everyone in the world That´s truly I think life changing for everyone Have […]

How To Place Your Music Into Film, Television & Advertising – Jordan Passman – MUBUTV – SE.3 EP.39

Dan: Hi I�m Dan Gill from Vagrant Records, and you�re watching MUBUTV, Music Business Television Ritch: Hi, we�re back from sync summit and we managed to catch up with Jordan Passman from score a score Jordan thank you so much for doing this I really appreciate it Jordan: Honored to be here, thank you. Ritch: Now you formed […]

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