Getting Younger S1 Ep. 10: The Younger After Show | TV Land

(upbeat music) – Hi, friends. Thank you for joining me tonight as we extend the mourning period of the almost union with Liza and Charles. I’m so glad that Labor Day is around the corner because I need a vacation from the relationship that did not happen tonight. I’m Taylor Strecker coming to you via Facebook, live from […]

Story for Kids from Steve and Maggie #01 | English for Children | Kids TV

Wow! Weird though. Oh hey, hello! Hello boys and girls. I am sorry, I haven´t got time to play today. I am reading the newspaper. Maybe you can go and play with Maggie. I don´t know where Maggie is but anyway bye for now. See you soon. Bye. Maggie: Hello! Steve won´t play…but, hahaha, watch this! Steve: Clap, […]