Aktuelles aus Berlin, Nienburg, London & Rankweil | LATELY NEWS vom 29. November 2019 | SATIRE

From the Capital News Studios in Berlin – Ladies and gentlemen, from the studios of the LATELY SHOW in Berlin … these are the LATELY NEWS … everything else is just fake news … That’s why we start… with the news. from Germany: BERLIN We learned at school that, when it smells funny, the best thing to do […]

Walking London – Shepherd’s Bush, Television Centre, Westfield, Ladbroke Grove & Kensal Rise

Hello Walkers! 😀 Welcome to another London walk 🇬🇧 We’re on ARIEL WAY, across the street from Shepherd’s Bush Train Station served by London Overground in fair zone 2 and Southern Shepherd’s Bush Underground Station in fair zone 2, served by the Central line It’s a sunny weekday afternoon in February 2019 with the temperature currently 15°C/59°F and […]

USC Candidates Interview Part 1: Talking Platform

Hey Western, I’m Lexie Misterski. And today I’m going to be sitting down and interviewing your USC presidential candidates. Let’s see what they have to say. I’m here with USC presidential candidate Victoria Barroso, and I’m here with Keenen Q. Matt Reesor, Aleesha Rehill, we’re going to start with a couple questions about your platform. So first of […]

Tips on how to apply to MA Media, Communications and Critical Practice

The people that come onto our course and are really successful on our course are people who are looking to develop quite a diverse set of skills. When you’re applying for this course, the only thing that you need to do need to do is write a personal statement. First of all I’d really like you to hear […]

News Wrap: Turkish, Syrian forces clash in Syria’s Idlib province

In the day’s other news: The final arguments have come and gone in the impeachment trial of President Trump. The U.S. Senate, acting as the jury, heard today from both sides. Now the senators get to speak their minds before a Wednesday on whether to convict or acquit. We will get all the details after the news summary. […]

Wining and Dining: Wine and Cheese Night at Western U

Listen here folks. String Cheese is string cheese for reason. It’s got strings! Hey Western Priyanka Doger here at Brescia and USC’s Wine andCheese formal. I’m expecting to taste some wine, try some fancy cheese and witness some great live performances. Stay tuned and let’s return to the roaring 20s! Are you by chance are lactose intolerant? I […]

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