Carolina Classrooms: College and Career Readiness 2019

I’m Angel Malone, Director of Career and Technical Education at the South Carolina Department of Education. I’m happy to serve as your guest host for this episode of Carolina classrooms. Today’s topic is about college and career readiness more specifically workforce development including high demand job opportunities that are available within the state. At one point in time […]

MY NAME IS NATALIE. Beginners and elementary listening. Personal information.

Hello! Hello! Hello, my name’s Natalie. And my name is Natalie! My name’s Natalie and I’m from London. But you live in Barcelona Okay, my name’s Natalie I’m from London but I live in Barcelona, in Spain. And how old are you? Sorry? How old are you? Is that important? I think it is. Well I’m [erm] forty-five […]

Radio “Active” River (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] Good. The last activity we’re going to do, guys, is called Radio Active River. Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to put you in two teams. Let’s get from [Diego], [Marisol], all you guys, let’s go to that — let’s go by the water — water bubbler. All these guys. – Push your chairs […]

Top Builder: Newspaper Power | Design Squad

Hey, it’s Nate fromDesign Squad.We’re challenging you to make an awesome structure, sculpture, anything you want out of two materials: newspaper and masking tape. Show us what you’ve made, put it up on theDesign Squadwebsite, and see if you can get featured as a top builder. I’m trying to make a set of stilts. Now, they’re short stilts, […]

How to Introduce Yourself — American English Pronunciation

In this American English pronunciation video, you’re going to come with me to the YouTube space in LA where I don’t know anyone. And we’re going to go over introducing yourself. Introducing yourself to a crowd of people, or even just one person, can make anyone nervous. Doing it in a foreign language, even more so. So today […]

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