Help! We’re Hooked on Social Media! – Lacie and Robin

Honey, I want to talk to you about my increasing addiction to social media. Okay. I can’t rest well until I have checked Facebook. Mm hmm. Twitter. Mm hmm. YouTube. I have to check the comments. I scour these social media for any signs of connection. Yeah, I understand. There’s some kind of comfort in knowing that you’re […]

Huge News for the First Same-Sex Couple on “Bachelor in Paradise” – Lights Out with David Spade

In devastating news, Bachelor in Paradise’s first same-sex couple have decided to break their engagement. -What?! -Wow, wow. -What? -I’m shocked to my very core. I can’t believe that didn’t last forever. Yeah. I can’t believe a-a fabricated relationship on a show that’s trying to get ratings didn’t work. Yeah. Well, I-I don’t know how to feel about […]

Samira Wiley Plays ‘Guess the Lesbian Headline’ | Cover Stars

– Hello everyone, this is Samira Wiley. I’m gonna read some headlines about some lesbians, and then I’m gonna guess which ones are real or not. (chuckles) Okay, first dates pairing goes wrong when lesbian woman discovers her match used to have a thing with her niece, but later gets her relative’s blessing because they share everything. We’re […]

Pinksixty News – International LGBT News Headlines

Hello, and here are the international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty. Last night’s televised Presidential debate had a definitive winner according to polls. CNN showed 68% of viewers thought pro-LGBT Clinton, would make a better President than Trump, who wants to repeal LGBT advances. South Africa’s Home Affairs Department has been forced to recognise a transman 26 years […]

Newspaper Column Wants Death for ‘Queers, Niggers, Spics, Kikes & Wops’

a west virginia newspaper named the lincoln journal is defending their publishing of an anti-gay opinion column that called for the death queers nigger spic skunks in what’s now that is a pretty broad swath a list of people there is at it is what we’re now what is a walk as an italian by honestly have no […]

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