How to Play the Game and Break Rules When Needed – Jocko Willink

you recently said hackworth was a rule follower most of his career but in about face the book he always talks about how he went against his command his rules how do you play the game but also act like hackworth yeah and so this is a classic example of the dichotomy leadership with regard to obeying rules […]

S Korea’s presidential office refutes Japanese media reports

shifting our focus to these whole Tokyo Intel sharing pact which has been extended but is once again caught up in controversy Japanese officials reportedly construed the deal as a one-sided win for them with no concessions made on trade and denies of apologizing to solve for such distortion Shin Semin has the latest in a read out […]


the National Intelligence Service says North Korean leader Kim jong-un has quote decided to meet with US President Trump in December at the latest it also says Pyongyang Washington working-level nuclear talks may happen in the coming weeks South Korean president moon jaein and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe a agreed to repair strange bilateral ties through high-level […]

Interview by Vladimir Putin to Nippon TV and Yomiuri newspaper (Eng Sub)

I was told that you wanted to see my dog, Yume. You can see that she is in great shape. Thank you very much. The dog is very cheerful indeed. We would like to thank you again for finding time to grant an interview to Nippon TV and Yomiuri Shimbun. This dog is an Akita from Akita Prefecture, […]