Nicolas Pepe Transfer Bid! Wan Bissaka & Bruno Fernandes Close? Man Utd Transfer News

hello everyone welcome to of the united stand we've got an afternoon transfer manchester i transfer update for you i did say this morning on the transferred daily it's gonna kick off this week because it has to kick off this week there's no two other ways about it we've got one week until preseason we've got two […]

Icardi, Sancho and Koulibaly Transfer Trilogy? Man Utd Transfer News

however me welcome to the United stand this is your latest mansion I transfer news where we talk about all the latest Manchester not a transfer news and give that real fan opinion I'm gonna hit this week hard really hard because last week I didn't be what I would give any business and we didn't this week […]

Mourinho's 60 Million Transfer Boost? Man Utd Transfer News

hello good morning and welcome to the United stand your latest Manchester United transfer news with that real fan opinion get involved we're talking ferati Alda barrold Gareth Bale but we're also talking William Martha Marty Allen million kovitch Savage 20 be Harry Maguire loads of players today so don't really pay attention to the bottom too much […]

Bale Announcement Expected! Man Utd Transfer News Latest

hello good morning and welcome to at the United stand this is your latest Manchus united transfer news daily and we're going to start off with Gareth Bale who is imminently gonna make an announcement according to reports that he will be staying at Real Madrid what's an absolute surprise Renaldo's left Real Madrid don't really know what […]

Pogba Out Longstaff & Rabiot In? Man Utd Transfer News Now

hello everybody and welcome to the united stand this is your latest manchester united transfer news this Friday afternoon lots to talk about midfield targets which have been a little bit of a question mark appeared to be have identified lots of lots of news coming out around Manchester United as well this afternoon but what I would […]