Solskjaer's Transfer Demand! Man Utd Transfer News | Manchester United Tour 2019

[Applause] what's going on people and welcome to the United stand the third part of the tour we're here I know you're probably thinking the vlogs a day late they said they're gonna be doing daily content since they've left Singapore where the hell of these guys gone now before I get into the video after state is […]

Maguire Valuation Not Met! Man Utd Transfer News | Manchester United Tour 2019

[Applause] okay welcome to today's vlog people but first of all we're going to talk about valuations not being met Brendan Rodgers has basically come out and said yes it looks like Harry Maguire will leave he's been professional la-de-da-de-da but in fact what he is saying is people up the people that are in for him ie […]

Bruno Fernandes Final Bid & Aubameyang Bid? Man Utd Transfer News

being welcome to the United stands this is gonna be your latest Manchester Transfer news we've got lots and lots to talk about on Maguire Brendan Fernandez and Bama yang long staphylococci da me and Rojo loads and loads to talk about but first of all I want to draw your attention to what was a fantastic interview […]

De Gea Stays! Solskjaer Press Conference Reaction! Man Utd Transfer News

to stand this is your manchester night transfer news daily and also the reaction to a laguna soldiers press conference reaction remember the manchester I transmit daily is sponsored by universe the link is in the video description if you're not getting all your transfer news and breaking news gets on the Uni bet vlog have your get […]

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