Devyne Demands Answers from London | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

So, hello. Hello. I’m happy you’re still answering my phone calls. Appreciate you coming out. I’m concerned about, you know, your feelings and all the rest of that stuff. You’re concerned about my feelings? Mm-hmm. You know, first of all, I wanted to apologize, because, obviously, there was a lot of stuff going on between Alexis and I […]

Transformers Prime FMV OST – Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park

Subtitles by: Ceed Breaking the Habit Memories consume Like opening the wound I’m picking me apart again You all assume I’m safe here in my room Unless I try to start again I don’t want to be the one The battles always choose ‘Cause inside I realize That I’m the one confused I don’t know what’s worth fighting […]

DOTWAV Media, “2 Weeks” **EXPLICIT** – WKNC’s The Lounge

Ran away to the hills, say to me what you will You know I know you still, you know I want you still Sky looks clear, no rain coming Hold up, now it’s thunder-storming I could probably flood the city as long as you aren’t fucking with me, yeah Memories lost in the summer Might just delete your […]

[EN/ES/CN] Interview with Dimash at Central Television.

Our music was finally tested out by the westerners. Or maybe there are so many Russians out there that our artists know no borders anymore. How all this occurred and to what can be tied this thunderous success? Le’s ask this to the direct participants of this event. Igor Krutoy and Dimash, live in the studio of Central […]

Nicole Scherzinger & Nick Cannon Guess ‘The Masked Dancer’

All right, we have two stars from The Masked Singer. And since the show hasn’t sued us yet, we thought it would be a good time for an installment of our spin off, the sweatiest show in daytime, The Masked Dancer. Yes [MUSIC PLAYING] Here’s how it works, there’s a celebrity backstage, they’re going to put on a […]

The Shop: UNINTERRUPTED: Charlamagne on Off-Limits Topics for Media Personalities (S2 E3 Clip) | HBO

Is anything off limits? Yeah, I think as you get– I think it’s– MAN: He can tell by the way you said, “Yeah.” I mean, for me, you know, when I get older and you know, just growing in life and learning to have a little bit more empathy for people, I think that you look at situations […]

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