Reporter almost breaks down when kids bring in money in honor of their deceased dad.

And then we also have Emma and Jules here today. Hi Emma! – Hello! Hi Emma, you look so pretty today. Thank you very much. – One can’t respond much to that I suppose… How are you doing Emma? Good Emma, in April some terrible happened, Yes What happened? Daddy died of lung cancer. Thats really sad. isn’t […]

Was ‘Kid Nation’ The Worst Reality Show Ever?

– [Narrator] Welcome to kid nation, one of the most insane reality TV shows ever made. Where unaccompanied minors are driven to the middle of the desert to build a society from scratch. Cook for themselves, clean for themselves, run their own economy, and drink bleach for themselves off camera. Yep. That actually happened. This show was so […]

(Not So) SECRET Russian Radio Station | COLOSSAL MYSTERIES

– [Narrator] For decades, a modern mystery has stumped experts and enthusiasts alike. A radio signal from Russia known only as The Buzzer. It broadcasts beeps and buzzes and strings of coded names and numbers, and no one knows who runs it. Is there a perfectly good reason for this strange Soviet signal, or could there possibly be […]


What people are in Hollywood! What people are in Hollywood! We’re walking on the Walk of Fame Liuba, what time is it now? Time for posting Instagram stories! Instagram stories, wow! Exactly Wait for super content! Don’t move! You’re moving your finger! Left, left! Not so much Don’t move! Say something We finally arrived here and there are […]

Delfinarium Duisburg: Spielzeug für DELFINE 🐬 im ZOO DUISBURG |

Hello, today we visit the dolphins. Roland Edler (dolphin caretaker at Duisburg Zoo): Now I’m sitting here between all of our toys, but these toys aren’t for us, but for those. Dolphins have diffrent kinds of needs and everybody knows you have to take care, that a child or an animal is not hurt because of this. That’s […]