Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration 60th Anniversary Television Commercial (2015)

[music]>>Announcer: It’s a celebration 60 years in the making, the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration. With so many dazzling experiences, you’ll need multiple days to see and do it all. In both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, you’ll find shimmering touches throughout, created just for the occasion. Like the all-new Paint The Night parade the biggest, brightest, […]


Vladimir Putin and Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov discussed school education at a working meeting. The Head of the Ministry told the President that all funds for the organization of free meals of junior students are already provided In addition, the Ministry controls the construction and licensing of new schools and kindergartens and pays special attention to compliance with […]

Universal Studios Hollywood Kids Free Television Commercial (2001)

>>Announcer: Are you ready? (kids cheering)>>Announcer: Countdown the Universal Studios Hollywood six new attractions>>Kids yelling: 6>>Announcer: The new Mummy Returns Chamber of Doom.>>kids yelling: 5>>Announcer: New Animal Planet Live,>>kids yelling: 4>>Announcer: An all-new JAWS,>>kids yelling: 3 New Jurassic Park 3 Summers Splash,>>kids yelling: 2 New live Shrek show,>>kids yelling: 1 The new Nickelodeon Blast Zone. And now through […]

Disney Parks Disney Reservation Center UP Television Commercial (2015)

>>FATHER: Hey what are you doing there?>>MOTHER: Chatting with a woman named Kate from Disney World, (typing: family of four)>>KATE: How old are the kids? [music] Hang on a moment ah, oh. here we go [knocking] I found this on your roof. You know if you shift your trip to a week later you may be able to […]

Pumpkin Patch Hacker Spy Caught on Camera Breaking Into Our House!

in the world it’s after the DMC date and we’re still here YouTube is still on you guys are still watching this that is crazy for all your haters out there you said that we don’t catchin a fake gamemaster well how come YouTube is still there if this was the fake one YouTube would be gone because […]

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