This Rocket-Powered Car Is Engineered to Break the Sound Barrier

You’re watching a test run of one of the fastest cars ever made. Zipping across the South African desert at 628 miles per hour, this car is the result of over a decade of extreme engineering and aerodynamic modeling. All with the end goal of breaking the world land speed record. But the team behind this project wants […]

W-ORD Channel 7 News With John Oliver & Cookie Monster

>>Announcer: This is WORD Channel 7 News, with John Oliver and Cookie Monster.>>[SOUND] >>John Oliver: So you trust. Good evening, I’m John Oliver.>>Cookie Monster: And me, Cookie Monster.>>John Oliver: And here are tonight’s headlines.>>Cookie Monster: Me like that tie.>>John Oliver: Thank you, thank you very much.>>Cookie Monster: Those dots remind me of chocolate chip cookie.>>John Oliver: Well, I […]