TVJ Entertainment Prime – July 11 2019

hello and welcome to this evening's edition of a prime I am Deidre reggae's Sunfest globalizing Jamaican music the anticipation is building for Jamaica's iconic music festival reggae song fest organized by down sound entertainment and the sponsored by the jamaica tourist board JTB the premier music festival serves to promote a Jamaican music and culture especially in […]

TVJ Entertainment Report: Vybz Kartel – July 12 2019 JULY 12

cocktail hots hi I'm Debbie how does he do it Vybz Kartel again with a string of trending tracks with fresher faces jocking for collabs with the world boss at 43 and almost eight years after being with young world boss top of the charts behind bars in September 2011 Vybz Kartel continues to dominate dancehall two of […]

TVJ Entertainment Report: Romeich Interview – July 5 2019

top music festival compared to balmy hi I'm Debbie Ramesh entertainment boss with lots to celebrate after his top act to a signed by Interscope Records but he's not happy with what's on offer for Shane SIA TJ and dingdong to do reggae suffice so none of them in the lineup for now us-based Jamaican music producer Russia […]

TVJ News Today: Police Federation Chastise Gov't – July 1 2019

good afternoon it's Monday July 1 I'mHerman green with your midday news a special welcome to those of you watchingonline at one spot the government is being chastised thisafternoon by the Police Federation for whom members of the force are beingtreated especially with the recent killing of one of its members T V J's orShane masters tells […]

Entertainment Report: Anju Blaxx Altercation with Brent Bunting – June 7 2019

money laundering and wire fraud charges against him dismissed in 2016 music producer Andrew blacks back in the recording studio and going public about his past as he rebuilds his brand but something messes the Angela my career was never that upfront thing where or its engine box not hear my music you know what it is I […]