Cannabis News June 2019 – Fire & Flower, Dixie Brands, Slang, Canopy Growth, Alcanna

Here’s what’s making cannabis news today. – Fire and Flower Holdings Corp announced its financial and operational results for the 13 weeks ending May 4th 2019. During the 13 weeks the company generated revenue of 9.5 million dollars at a gross margin of 38.5% The company recorded a net comprehensive loss of 17.1 million dollars for a net […]

Concrete Contractor Houston – Breaking Concrete Using a Drop Hammer

Hi, this is Steve with Pavement Services. Today, we’re breaking some concrete using our drop hammer. Because it’s a Caterpiller 272 Skid Steer, it works pretty fast. We’ve already sawcut this area…now we’re going to break it out and repour it. We have a hydraulic hammer also, but this works so much faster, we don’t even use it […]

BREAKING | Princeton U. is sending all students home — rapid reactions from Frist Campus Center

Can’t focus, half my friends are like leaving forever, yet I still have to go learn about eigenfunctions right now. I was really looking forward to just hanging out with people that I loved this spring and knowing that I’m going to be alone at home is a bummer. I just kind of feel like everyone at the […]

Veeditho Kashtam || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Will she be here on time? Am I on time? – It’s exactly 11:22. Very good. – Let’s go. Let’s go. Hey! Right leg first. “Praying.” Excuse me! Shall we order something? Yeah. – Good afternoon, sir. Your order, sir? One chicken alfredo pasta & one chicken spaghetti. – Did you forget that today is Friday? How can […]

OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) Ep.3: 2PM(투피엠) _ My House(우리집)[ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]

It’s 2PM on Oven Radio with 2PM! How tall are you? 78 I meant 178cm Ho! Me too! Wow! This is Oven Radio with the special 2PM Let’s start with the nameshots Today’s theme is “Put Your Hands Up” We’ll go first – Okay – Let’s go Put your hands up! How boring… We’ll show you how it’s […]

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