Pro Israel comment on German public television on the Gaza Flotilla crisis. (English subtitles).

And now also a comment on the Israeli military operation against the Gaza-bound convoy, by Reinhard Borgmann from Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting. They knew exactly what they were doing. The self-proclaimed peace-activists wanted to run the blockade. They wanted to provoke the Israeli army. They wanted to, in a large-scale propaganda campaign, grand relief-goods to the Palestinians by ship, which […]

News Wrap: Gunman kills 2 at Southern California high school

In the day’s other news: A gunman killed two students and wounded three at a Southern California high school, and then shot himself. It happened at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, outside Los Angeles. Investigators said the suspect was also a student, who had just turned 16 today. CAPT. KENT WEGENER, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department: Detectives […]

Syria intercepts reported missiles attack – TV7 Israel News 17.04.18

Shalom and good evening this is tv7 is roll news broadcasting to you from Jerusalem, and in today’s top stories Cero missiles were reportedly fired early this morning toward to Syrian military installations in the country’s homs region Including at the Shalit air force base that is situated southeast of home city Iran in its powerful of a […]

Hebron, die Geisterstadt: Breaking the Silence – Jung & Naiv: Folge 389

I think the most important thing is, I hope you are not walking out of this day with the feeling that what you saw in Hebron is extreme and exceptional. Because if you are, I’d feel miserably and all this day was a waste of time, It was better that we wouldn’t have done this day . I […]

Palestinian Islamists launch rockets at Israel, despite ceasefire – TV7 Israel News 04.06.18

shalom and good evening this is tv7 Israel news broadcasting to you from Jerusalem and in today’s top stories the United States vetoes a Kuwait drafted UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel like US ambassador nikki Haley called a closely one-sided view that failed to blame Hamas for recent violence Islamist Palestinians launched four rockets from the Gaza […]

Israel welcomes Washington’s stern policy toward Iran – 22.5.18 TV7 Israel News

Shall open good evening. This is tb7 is ROH news broadcasting to you from Jerusalem and in today’s top stories? US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announces in an address focused on the Trump administration’s policy toward the Islamic Republic of Washington will seek to pressure Iran to change its course from the Unacceptable and unproductive path. It […]

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