Shakeela Abrahimkhil – Transforming Media, Transforming Women

I feel extremely fortunate, ladies and gentlemen to find myself among individuals who stand up for humanity and human rights all over the world. I feel honored i know when you hear the name of Afghanistan, you envisage a country that has always been in a state of war, and has always suffered from violence, maybe that is […]

Hebron, die Geisterstadt: Breaking the Silence – Jung & Naiv: Folge 389

I think the most important thing is, I hope you are not walking out of this day with the feeling that what you saw in Hebron is extreme and exceptional. Because if you are, I’d feel miserably and all this day was a waste of time, It was better that we wouldn’t have done this day . I […]

I’m a Syrian-American journalist. Syria is more than the headlines.

A lot of people have asked me what it was like to wake up to the images that were coming out of Syria with the victims of the sarin gas attack. “Witnesses and some activists said the toxic substance was delivered by Syrian and Russian jets in an attack in the rebel-held region.” Obviously it was painful, it […]

China: The problem of growing anti-muslim sentiment | DW News

it’s not unusual for an ron to get offended when he logs into China’s social networks the writer is keenly aware of the growing Islamophobia wave spreading through the country including a so-called anti halal movement who supporters accuse Muslims of dividing the country they’re calling on Airlines and universities to stop serving halal food dishes prepared according […]

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