GTN Vs Ironman Lanzarote | Can We Break The Course Record?

(serene music) – I haven’t done a swim session, per say, for a couple of months, and the last time I vaguely did anything like swimming was over a month ago. (serene music) – Yeah, that really nice bike that I’ve been given, I’ve never ridden it before. (serene music) – I don’t think I’ve ever actually run […]

Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds Clip and Marvel Phase 4 First Look Breakdown

I wouldn’t know because I blacked out for the entire period yeah it was just Blake was just behind me awkwardly manipulating my body it was amazing her son is a deadpool fan I brought him the Deadpool mask look at that I mean that’s kind of amazing it is kind of, like are you at her concert […]

Brie Larson & tWitch Assemble to Play the New Marvel ‘Heads Up!’ Decks

We are officially one week away from Thanksgiving, so everyone– yes. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] It’s a very exciting time around here. Everyone in Beverly Hills is getting their yams enlarged, and– I don’t even know what that means. Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, making memories, getting drunk before anyone can bring up impeachment hearings. But there […]

Chris Evans on Being Cast as Captain America (2011) | MTV News | #TBMTV

– For a lot of people when a role like Captain America is presented to them, they’re gonna jump at it. They’re gonna say, okay sign me up, when, where and how. I know you wrestled with this – Yeah. – You took this very seriously before you signed on. Did you go as granularly as kind of […]

Why Marvel Is Ending All Marvel TV Series – Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

you should have gone for the head steady quill welcome back everyone it’s Charlie Thanos has come for Marvel TV I hope they remember you so Marvel has been canceling all their Marvel TV shows left and right this year and just this past week it was announced that the head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb himself would […]

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