Matte artist Harrison Ellenshaw on the 1st time he saw television –

yes I remember the first time I saw television because we were quite a quite ahead of the rest of the neighborhood we had the first television on our street in England and this was early 1953 and there was pretty exciting for a you know seven-year-old to have a television so the other kids that come over […]

John Forsythe on the television series “To Rome with Love” –

Walter Brennan who was one of my favorites I asked him why don’t we do a serious together he said sure sure let’s do it well it turned out to be a very very good show he played my grandfather and and let’s see I had to see it Joyce three daughters yeah your daughters were what Susan […]

Denis Leary Honors 20th Anniversary of Worcester Cold Storage Fire with Sons of Fallen Firefighte…

(applause) Please welcome two amazing firefighters from Worcester, both of whom are carrying on, literally, in their fathers’ footsteps. They are not statues, they are living it. Please welcome, Dennis’ cousin, Jerry Lucy and Danny Spencer. (applause) (inspirational music) For us, it’s, I think, not only, like a childhood dream, you know, when you see your father going […]