RCA Engineer Loren Jones on mechanical television – TelevisionAcademy.com/Interviews

it involves a disc called a nip callow disc which is rotating in a high speed and therefore impractical right away for use in the home causes the spot sunlight to pass across the image of the person’s body or his face and a television photo to picks up that signal and turns it into a signal which […]

RCA Engineer Loren Jones on Gen. Sarnoff & Dr. Zworykin developing television

was workin first saw sarna and proposed the television be developed by RCA and said that he had a method to do it all electronic which was better than the mechanical method which Sarnoff had heard of even though start off with the president of RCA and most president don’t spend a lot of tension to technical developments […]

Sally Jessy Raphael on doing radio shows in Florida – TelevisionAcademy.com/Interviews

I was doing radio on WI OD and I was also on to other South Florida stations one station was where I did a lot of interviewing of people who were famous Philippe oldsman the man who made people to jump the photographer Buckminster Fuller drew me something he was inventing called the geodesic dome I still have […]

Editor Sidney M. Katz on his first job at RKO Radio Pictures – TelevisionAcademy.com/Interviews

I was in New York for about I think about 10 years and then that was the time of the stock collapse and the Great Depression and and my father died so my mother moved the family which was my brother and I out to California and we had a couple of uncles who were in the film […]


Can you describe what you did, fun things or not, to get into character for the show? I quit drinking for six weeks, that was fun. I got a rabies shot which was key because there was a lot of frothing with mouths. I ate live rabbits. I ran naked in the woods, I was walking my dog. […]