Samantha Bee on what she learned about comedy from The Daily Show –

I think that his work ethic is like it’s in packing ball he works very hard to make it look easy and that is a big takeaway I mean that to me is generally the takeaway from any really amazing comedy endeavor that I ever see you have to work so hard to make it look like you […]

Samantha Bee on not being included on the Vanity Fair late night talk show hosts cover

when the show was had been announced there was a Vanity Fair cover that came out with all the late night hosts notably leaving off you and Chelsea Handler can you talk about your reaction to that well I want to I want to get it exactly right because I was cuz Elena and I were talking a […]

Executive Donald Hall on how Hallmark got into television –

through the 40’s we stayed in radio and various means there was during the war we did a show that was Meacher Navy the Great Lakes training state and naval training station their band it was marvelous and then we got into dramatic fare on radio and produced two or three different types of shows in the late […]

Crazy Mohan Exclusive Interview with Chief Reporter of Nettv4u

Hello to all nettv4u viewers from Crazy Mohan! I’m a sentimental guy. In all of my shows, stories, serials even in short stories my hero is Madhu and heroine is Janaki. People think Janaki is my lover or wife. But the truth is it is because of my school life. I studied at Karpagavalli Kalanilayam, a corporation school. […]

Roy Clark on the first time he was on television –

The first television show that I did Was a show they put together called hayloft conservatory of musical interpretations and that was their hillbilly The answer to their hillbilly music which was very popular then what did you do on the show? What did I do? It was mostly it was mostly music there was a quartet that […]

Frank Inn on how he became an animal trainer for television –

there was a market there a vegetable market and I used to go in and look at an orange or an apple whatever I touched the dog would go back and pick up and I taught him to pick up things that I touched you know and so I would touch some and then I’d walk on down […]

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