YMCA Water Is Only 1% Water (99% Old People Hair) | Breaking News

(funky music) – [Announcer] From West Hollywood, California, the only news team that doesn’t know what’s on the teleprompter before they read it. Anyone who laughs or breaks loses points. This is, Breaking News. – Good evening everyone, welcome to the breaking news, the show where we have no idea what we’re about to say and we aren’t […]

What happens when the internet vanishes? – BBC News

The internet revolutionised democracy, by giving every phone, every computer, a more equal chance to speak and share information. And during any big event whether in celebration or in a crisis, many of us look to social media as our primary source of news. However, this network, which was built to bring us closer together, is now under […]

New Studio Facilities (TV, Radio & Languages) – University of South Australia

Hi I’m Kerry Green, I’m the Head of the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages. The school has three new spaces. The first is a brand new radio station and studio. We have a refurbished television studio and we have a multimedia languages facility. The new spaces, the new studios, are part of a process called Step […]

Digital Media Have Unexpected Audiences | Digital Literacy 101

Because digital media is so easy to create and publish, it’s tough to control who sees your content and who doesn’t. Let’s say you create a simple website to celebrate your favourite pet — but plan to share it only with your class. If one of your classmates shares a link, or a search engine web-bot indexes your […]

Social Media and Privacy Concerns | NordVPN

Using social media? Here are the key privacy concerns: Number one. Cyberstalking. Cyberstalking affects both men and women online. A large part of it is done by complete strangers, who can get the location information that is turned on by default for most smartphones. Do you geotag the pictures on your social media profiles? You’re making it easy […]

Digital Media Are Shareable and Persistent | Digital Literacy 101

Digital media are shareable and persistent. Thanks to the Internet, people like you and me can publish work to wider audiences than ever before. We can share digital experiences with friends across the city or around the world — any time we want. But it’s also important to remember that your online activities leave digital footprints (even when […]

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