The Key to Media’s Hidden Codes – Ben Beaton

Translator: Ido Dekkers Reviewer: Emma Gon (Music) Every movie you’ve ever seen, every TV show, every magazine, every time you surf the Internet, you’re absorbing information, a bit like a sponge absorbs water. The words on the screen, the images, the colors, the sounds, the angle of the camera, every detail is designed to make you think, act […]

News oder Fake News – Schon gecheckt?

Wenn etwas besonders krass klingt schau ob es auch noch andere Quellen gibt. Überschrift oder Stichwörter in die Suchmaschine eingeben und gucken ob sie seriöse Quellen ausspuckt. Wenn es um einen speziellen Ort geht, such auch nach regionalen Zeitungen oder Sendern. Whaaaaaaaat? Kommt Dir eine News komisch vor? Schau Dir den Urheber an. Eine bekannte Zeitung? Schonmal gut. […]

Katie Price’s son Harvey Says C-Word on Loose Women Live Television to Internet Trolls, EXPLOITED?

Today on Loose Women the topic of discussion was Internet bullies. I just like to put across that 80% of 13-18 year olds have been exposed to online, that is so high. Katie Price asked her son what he would say to one of them if one of them said mean things about him and he replied. “Hello, […]

The New Media’s coming of age | Dan Carlin | TEDxMtHood

Translator: Thomas Prigent Reviewer: Denise RQ I have a couple of children, and that’s where I want to start this story. I have a newly-minted teenager, and I have a preteen. And sometimes, I get into my head to have a conversation with them about what life was like before the Internet was invented. (Laughter) Sometimes, I’ll try […]

Information Technology: the first 2,500 years | Chris Blackwell | TEDxFurmanU

Translator: lisa thompson Reviewer: Cristina Bufi-Pöcksteiner Oh. Thank you. Thank you, all. We are now about 20 years into a revolution in information technology, in IT. And like any journey into uncharted territory, it’s exciting and it’s disorienting; it can be fun; it can also be very dangerous, right? And it can be frustrating. As we increasingly move […]

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