What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good? | Eli Pariser

I was talking to a guy at a party in California about tech platforms and the problems they’re creating in society. And he said, “Man, if the CEOs just did more drugs and went to Burning Man, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” (Laughter) I said, “I’m not sure I agree with you.” For one thing, most of […]

Plastic Surgery Marketing Basics For Plastic Surgeons | Advice Media

Hi, I’m Rachel a digital marketing account manager here at Advice Media. In this section we will be discussing digital marketing channels that help generate new patients for your practice. You’re likely familiar with traditional marketing methods like TV commercials, billboards, and radio ads. However, it is important and encourage that Plastic Surgeons explore digital marketing options as […]

Why Controlling the Masses Through Media No Longer Works | Jordan Greenhall

I don’t want to go into the history but there’s actually a really neat history of exactly why and how a particular set of ideas became so important in the latter half of the 20th century. I’ll give you just one example, but the idea of operational management, which was innovated during the heat of World War II […]

The media won’t get less politicized. News consumers must get smarter. | Keith Whittington

Traditional media outlets remain extraordinarily important to how we communicate and develop ideas. They’ve not been completely displaced by Facebook and Twitter and the like. In lots of ways, the internet is parasitic on traditional media sources because it’s those traditional news outlets that are doing the hard reporting, for example, that generates the facts that other people […]

PabsyLive: If You Can Read This Headline, You Have Access Others May Lack

Hi. I’m Pabsy Pabalan. I i use my mobile phone to connect to the internet all the time, but not everyone is connected. Today, I’m going to meet with one of the authors of a World Bank Group report about the internet’s impact on development. Thank you again for joining me today Indhira. The World Development Report’s title […]

Prezi Tutorial: Adding and Editing Media Content in Prezi (1080p)

Welcome to this video showing you how you can add media elements to your presentation. We’ll look at adding and editing images, YouTube videos and how to upload and embed your own video. Let’s begin by looking at how to add and edit images to your presentation. Click on the Insert button from the menu bar and choose […]

How Russian trolls weaponized your social media feed

Russian hackers attempted to influence the US presidential election. A meddling campaign carried out by the Russians, authorized at the highest levels. Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is now pretty well-documented. From hacking voter registration rolls… Russia is behind a cyber attack on a contractor for Florida’s election system… To leaking stolen DNC emails… The Russians […]

Harassment is breaking Twitter’s free speech experiment

You guys are not going to believe what Trump just tweeted. He– Uh oh. Sorry. Try it again. You guys are not going to believe what Trump— Jesus. What’s wrong? Um. Nothing. One more time. You guys are not going to— You know what? Never mind. Twitter’s harassment problem is out of control and it’s changing the way […]

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