Google Fiber Cancels Expansions – The Know Tech News

(Intro sound) Adam: Hey, welcome to The Know, I’m Adam. Bruce: And I’m Bruce. Adam: And welcome back to the show where we treat every story with respect and equality. Bruce: Unlike fucking GOOGLE that just said its not gonna bring Google Fiber to LOS ANGELES! What a fucking shit company, fuck them. This stupid shit. Adam: That’s […]

How to get Faster PHONE Internet with the REAL signal bars – TheTechieGuy

so I am currently traveling and as you can see this is not my usual studio and I'm relying a hundred percent on my phone for all my connectivity and it's got five bars and yet my internet is sluggish and ridiculously slow to use so what's going on well today I've got a couple of solutions for […]

Why You Need Gigabit Internet in 2019! (And why you DON'T)

gigabit internet a thousand megabits per second sounds great right and there's lots of marketing claims by every Internet service provider that offers that everything from lag free gaming to streaming videos with no buffering and they all talk about how many things you can download really fast one video game in one minute a hundred albums in […]

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