School Dance; Light Gone; Russian President Tops most Powerful List – ListenMi News

What’s going on in the news this week Let me tell you what’s going on this week round up the news for this week ListenMi ListenMi ListenMi News. Alright! Kids from Maggotty broke out well “cockaty” In their uniforms and showing off their property Who wasn’t showing brasserie was baring their underwear They must have a Masters in […]

News Wrap: Suspects in Ahmaud Arbery killing appear in court

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: Two white men in Georgia made their initial court appearance in the killing of a black man, Ahmaud Arbery, a case that has sparked national outrage. Gregory and Travis McMichael face murder and assault charges. They say they thought Arbery was a burglary suspect. They were arrested last night, after a […]

News Wrap: U.S. Treasury to borrow record $3 trillion in 2nd quarter

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: The U.S. Treasury said that it will borrow a record amount of money in this quarter to cover pandemic relief, nearly $3 trillion. That’s well over twice the total for all of last year. Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned that it’s hard to tell if international travel can restart this […]

News Wrap: White House blocks Fauci from congressional testimony

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: Wall Street gave up its gains for the week, after profits sank at a series of big companies. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 622 points, to close at 23723. The Nasdaq fell 284 points, and the S&P 500 slipped 81. The White House confirmed this evening that it has blocked […]

News Wrap: Navy widens investigation of Roosevelt outbreak

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: The U.S. government’s Small Business Administration reserved eight hours, until midnight, for small banks to submit coronavirus relief loans for their customers. It’s part of the Paycheck Protection Program. There has been intense criticism that community lenders and their small business clients have been pushed aside in the process. The U.S. […]

News Wrap: South Korea urges caution over Kim Jong Un rumors

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: Wall Street opened the week with a rally, on investors’ hopes of easing pandemic-related restrictions. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 358 points close at 24133. The Nasdaq rose 95 points, and the S&P 500 added 41. A second wave of emergency loans became available to small businesses today under the […]

News Wrap: Violent new protests in Lebanon turn deadly

In the day’s other news: The U.S. House of Representatives will not return to Washington next week, as planned. Democratic leaders say the U.S. Capitol physician is warning that coronavirus risks are still too great. The House currently has 429 members, with six vacancies. The Republican-controlled Senate, with 100 members, has been ordered back into session on Monday. […]

News Wrap: Earth Day’s 50th anniversary arrives for a cleaner planet

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: Wall Street steadied, as oil prices halted their plunge and recovered a little. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 457 points, to close at 23475. The Nasdaq rose 232 points, and the S&P 500 added 62. President Trump says that he is putting Iran on notice to stay away from U.S. […]

News Wrap: Obama endorses Biden, urges ‘great awakening’ in politics

In the day’s other news: Former President Obama ended months of neutrality and endorsed his former vice president, Joe Biden, for the Democratic nomination. He said Biden has the character and experience to guide the nation through one of its darkest times and a long recovery. And he appealed for an end to the Trump era. BARACK OBAMA, […]

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