‘You Are Not Defined By That 15-Second Comment To A Media Outlet,’ Dr. Phil Tells 21-Year-Old

At this point, you’re looking forward, you’re trying to decide how do I get all of this behind me, how do I shut off all of the hate, what are you looking to do? Right, it’s hurtful to think that millions of people have this false perception of me. It’s hurtful to think that there’s so called friends […]

We’re Still Weirded Out By Bam Margera’s Marriage History

Though Jackass star Bam Margera is happily married and raising a son, his romantic history hasn’t always been so blissful. Here are some seriously strange things about the star’s marriages. In a January 2007 profile in The New York Times, Bam Margera and his then-fiancée, Missy Rothstein, painted a strange portrait of their relationship. Margera spoke of his […]

How Do Different Social Media Platforms Affect Your Mood?

– Alright. So we might have to do this a couple times. You’ve been forewarned. We use the hell out of social media. And while on occasion, it can prove useful, Aw man, my grammy’s bitmoji game is dope. Experts warn that social media use is fundamentally changing the way our brains process information. The media thinks we’re […]

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