How to Be Authentic on Social Media: For Businesses and Individuals – Part 2

There are a few things you can practice You can practice mindfulness There are lots of apps that will guide you through that My favorite one is called “Headspace” practice listening seek other opinions and put yourself in situations that challenge you Practice being brave Authenticity takes a lot of courage and the more you do it the […]

Struggling to Break a Bad Habit? Science Says You Should Do This

There just ain’t no love. We just get right into it, don’t we? What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me. Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV. The place to be to create a business and life that you love. Now, if you’ve got some bad habits that just keep derailing your success and you are […]

This Record-Breaking 3D Printer Could Be the Future of Manufacturing

This specialized 3D printer just received a record-breaking throughput for modern 3D printing. It can create structures the size of a human adult in just a few hours. That’s printing about 7 millimeters per minute. With this device, the team may have just cracked the code on how to utilize the technology as an efficient manufacturing tool. This […]

Eric TM on Vietnam National Television VTV6 (English subtitles)

At first glance, you must be thinking this is a group of teenagers doing physical exercises together. But what do you think if VTV6 introduces to you that this is an English club of a young teacher, who has chosen sports as a way to communicate with and teach his students? This is an English club combined with […]

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