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8 Phrasal Verbs with BREAK: break in, break up, break through…

Hi. Welcome to engVid. I’m Adam. In today’s video we’re going to look at phrasal verbs. Well, one phrasal verb in particular using the verb “break”. So, again, just to refresh our memories: A phrasal verb is a verb and a preposition that when put together sometimes have completely different meanings than the two words, and sometimes they […]

How to Read News Headlines and Improve Your English 📰 Learn with JenniferESL

Hi everyone. It’s Jennifer here with a special kind of lesson. I plan to give you some tips and a short task to help you practice your English, particularly your grammar. Do you think someone will ever write about you in the news? If they did, what would you want the article to be about? Well, we might […]

Advanced Spoken English Class #3 | Topic: Social media | IELTS Speaking, Fluency, Vocab, Listening

Hello and welcome back. This is episode three in our advanced spoken English series. As you know these lessons are designed to help you take your English to the next level. The topic of this lesson is social media. You will hear a conversation; it’s about six minutes long. After the conversation ends we will go through the […]

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