DCU MSc in Emerging Media

On the DCU Masters of Science in Emerging Media, you will find new ways of combining media production and innovative research, to tell stories across the constantly evolving mediascape. We provide a vibrant space for students who want to explore the possibilities in new technologies and to develop their creative voices. As you design, create and experiment together, […]

LFCC News: Searching for Truth Through Information Literacy

♪ [music] ♪ – [Amanda] Welcome to Channel 47 News, Lord Fairfax Community College’s dedicated news channel. I’m Amanda Freese. It is here that you will find breaking news and crucial updates from all four of our locations. Our main story today focuses on the Quality Enhancement Plan or QEP topic of information literacy. The QEP is part […]

Trump Wanted A Kiss |Former Fox News Reporter claims.

Trump invited Fox News reporter to his office so we can kiss she claims at least now I can joke that I could have banged the president brights Kourtney Friel a former Fox News anchor has claimed Donald Trump propositioned her before he became US president Kourtney Friel says she was speaking to the then entrepreneur on the […]

Putin, Jerusalem, Apple, Peru, Liberia… 5 headlines of the week #2

Hey guys its Hugo, and today we’re gonna talk about Russia, Liberia, Peru, Jerusalem and Apple! Our first headline of the week is about Russia, and its upcoming presidential election, happening this year, 2018. Vladimir Putin announced three weeks ago that he was going to run for president again in the election. Who will he be up against? […]

Interview with Tony Besasie, President of Cannella Response Television

I sat down with Tony Besasie, President of Cannella Response Television. My interview with Tony is part of a series called “Marketing Experts on This Works Marketing.” Ken: So I wanted, I wanted to get into a couple of things because a lot of people who watch this content that are, they’re big brands and they’re people that […]

S Korea’s presidential office refutes Japanese media reports

shifting our focus to these whole Tokyo Intel sharing pact which has been extended but is once again caught up in controversy Japanese officials reportedly construed the deal as a one-sided win for them with no concessions made on trade and denies of apologizing to solve for such distortion Shin Semin has the latest in a read out […]

Protected Voices: Social Media Literacy

If it’s on the Internet, it must be true. Right? Many of us, and many voters, take truth in advertising for granted. But while the Federal Trade Commission keeps blatant lies out of product descriptions, there is no Internet police doing the same for online information. Especially for information shared through social media channels. Hi, I’m Kara, a […]

Palestine, North Korea, Iran … 5 headlines of the week #3

Hey guys its hugo, and today we’re gonna talk about Iran, North Korea, Congo, Palestine and air safety! The first headline of the week is about Iran. Over the past week, Iran has seen large protests across the country, which started out to protest corruption and the economic situation. Indeed, the government, headed by Hassan Rohani, the President […]

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