How I Make Money As A Social Media Influencer | Making Money Online

– One of the questions I get most frequently is how does He Spoke Style make money? Some people are just curious about how one makes money doing something like this, and some of you are interested in maybe getting into this kind of work and want to know the possibilities of where money could potentially come from. […]

Authentic Brand Storytelling and Social Media Marketing with Video (CxOTalk #363)

In business, telling stories is crucially important. Today on CXOTalk, we’re going to learn how to tell stories with video. David Hoffman is a very prolific and very successful documentary filmmaker. I’m a documentary filmmaker using reality to tell corporate stories; startup stories; on occasion, my stories; on occasion, individuals who want to share their stories. Why am […]

Secret Life of Digital Media and Digital Marketing with Anurag Harsh, Ziff Davis CXOTalk #263

Digital media is everywhere. It surrounds us, and most of us have no idea of the impact of digital media on our lives; on social media on Facebook, on Twitter; and the amount of money that’s being spent. Today, on Episode 263 of CxOTalk, we are exploring the secret life of digital media. I want to say thank […]

Die Welt der Social Media Influencer | Doku | SRF DOK

Es war 2013. Ich konnte um 4 Uhr morgens noch nicht schlafen. Da fiel mir ein, dass in der Schweiz etwas fehlt: Unterhaltung in Schweizerdeutsch. Ich dachte, ich fange einfach mal an, dann explodierte es förmlich. Auf Swissmeme habe ich 500’000 Follower. Auf habe ich über 200’000 Follower. Auf Zekisworld habe ich über 200’000 Follower. Ich habe […]

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