Imran Khan warns of potential nuclear war in Kashmir, urges UN to intervene

What sort of a mindset would lay siege to 8 million people with 900,000 troops? Women, children, sick people locked in as animals. Of what I know of England, if 8 million animals were locked in the RSPCA would have made a lot of noise about it. These are human beings. [applause] What is going to happen when […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | Trump to Mediate Kashmir Issue| Pak's Role in AFG Peace Process| Ep 107|

hello and welcome to newswire I'm either Omer a historical meeting took place between the leaders of Pakistan and the United States on Monday July 22nd the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and President of the United States Donald Trump met for the first time for a one-on-one meeting in Washington DC since both assumed office but […]

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