Behind the Game: Broadcast Television Videography at Humber

(background chatter) DAN MCPHEE: …break up into various departments. People that are going to go upstairs, when it comes time to take your little break we’ll show you that part of the building and we’ll leave the call sheet there. All right? MCPHEE: (indiscernible) KELLY PARKE: One and two with me. MCPHEE: You come with me. PARKE: (indiscernible) […]

Film and Television Production Film Screening

[music plays throughout] [Benjamin] We’re here at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema to celebrate the 2016 Humber Graduate Film Showcase. [Aurelia] So this is our final thesis project for the year, and it’s gonna be an amazing show, let me tell you. So many great films. I’m really excited. [Layla] My film is called So Long Seu-Yeung, and it’s […]

2019 Information and Communication Technology Capstone Project Expo

[music rises and falls throughout] [Dr. Jonathan Kim] Today’s event is a Capstone Project Expo. We call it Capstone Project Expo because there are variety of projects from many different programs – Computer Engineering, Wireless Telecommunication, Computer and Network Support program, as well as computer programmers, and project management programs. [Marko] It’s important for me to present a […]

Humber Film and Television Production students talk about their final projects

[music plays throughout] [interviewer] Tell us a little about yourself and, uh, your role in this film. [man 1] I was the writer-director. Um, wrote the film about six months ago or so, and it’s taken a lot of different incarnations, and I was lucky enough to, uh, to have it chosen and be given the chance to […]

Humber’s 2015 Film and Television Production Screenings

[music plays throughout] [Courtney] We are here at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema to screen our final films. [Christian] There’s commercials, there’s dramas, there’s documentaries…. [Lindsey] I did a few different roles, but the main one I did was I wrote and directed The Creative Mind of Rodney Herpal. It’s about a retired couple learning how to get […]

Television Writing and Producing at Humber

[music plays throughout] [Lorne Frohman] Uh, this is the only program on the planet that gets angry at you for not watching enough television. Hi, I’m Lorne Frohman, and I’m the coordinator of the Television, Writing, and Producing program at Humber College. The Television, Writing, and Producing program started 18 years ago. I’m happy to say that our […]

Information Technology Solutions at Humber

[music plays throughout] [Ravinder Pal-Singh] Uh, today we are having a Capstone Project showcase for the projects developed by our graduating class in the Information Technology Solutions as well as Enterprise Software Development program. [Manas] ITS is a two year program where we have, uh, multi-languages involved in it. So you develop applications based on various platforms – […]