Behind the Headlines – April 26, 2019

– (female announcer) Production funding for Behind the Headlines is made possible in part by: the WKNO Production Fund, the WKNO Endowment Fund, and by viewers like you, thank you. – The superintendent search, online sports betting, and more, tonight, on Behind the Headlines. [dramatic orchestral music] I’m Eric Barnes, president and executive editor of The Daily Memphian, […]

Hopkins Medicine Headlines | Eager Park Groundbreaking

Good morning. >>Good morning.>>Johns Hopkins medicine is taking the steps towards redeveloping the east Baltimore community by breaking ground in the north campus neighborhood of Eager Park. Adding a new hotel and townhomes to the Baltimore skyline. Well we wanna make sure that the residents who lived here originally have the opportunity to either stay or return. But […]

Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World Television Commercial (1999)

ANNOUNCER:>>As the fireworks dissolved, lights dimmed and the people of the world ended their celebrations assuring in a new millennium. There is still one place on Earth where the celebration will continue for another year. Centered in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando Florida. The year-long Millennium Celebration will light up the faces and touch […]