Flora fights off Bart and Gina’s destruction using social media | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Lola, we still don’t have enough customers. Yolly, you can’t make people forget about what happened here. Just be patient. Our customers will come back. Our dishes will go to waste. We called you here so we can talk about the viral memes about the recent incidents in our barangay. We need volunteers to make rounds in the […]

America’s Got Talent Magician Uses Social Media to Blow the Judges’ Minds | Collins Key

(soft piano music) – [Announcer] Collins Key! – When they called my name I was like, holy I made it through? How did this happen? Genuinely I didn’t think I would make it past the first round. I’ll never forget the moment that I stepped on stage for my first audition. ‘Cause it was by far the most […]

Graham Norton’s hilarious speech opens BAFTAs | The British Academy Television Awards 2019 – BBC

So welcome, thank you For our annual celebration of the finest television this country has to offer Honestly so much great TV isn’t there I tell you you’ve all been working harder than the plug in air freshener at the Ecuadorian Embassy That’s hard that is working there If you have tuned in to see the final episode […]

Vladimir reveals all the information that he knows about Zandro | The General’s Daughter

Just one shot. Come on. – Let me shoot him in the foot. – No. Just one shot. What? – No! – What? I told you to stop! – Please don’t! – Wait! If you aren’t Tres, how are you connected to Tiago? And why do you operate a troll farm for him? Speak up! Answer me. I […]

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Game 4 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Last night against the Houston Rockets and our starting lineups are brought to by Mitsubishi a wall for the Cavaliers the starting five was excellent to start the game in game three and he night than one by thirty back-to-back home blowouts Obviously his different series Thompson running the floor black by Horford Thompson gets it back misses […]