Team radios en mi cabeza – Vol. 5

Sebastian Vettel: I see something you don’t see. Lewis Hamilton:What can you see? Vettel: Something Hamilton: What is that? Vettel: Something that starts with the letter “C”. Hamilton: “Champion?” Vettel: Nope, “crash”! Sergio Perez: What are these guys up to? Engineer: I don’t know. But it smells like a drive-through, so stay back. Magnussen: ****, Hulkenberg! Engineer: Uhm… […]

NBA Ankle Breaking Crossover Moves: How to DROP your defender (HD)

Wha’s the Chris Bosh scale of nasty? Hi I’m coach Collin Castellaw with Shot your free online training source. And today we have a countdown of the top 3 moves NBA players use to break their defenders ankles. #3 the in and out cross demonstrated by Stephen Curry. The in and out cross is a quick combo […]

Trump impeachment debate highlights

If a president undermining our national security and using the federal government for his own selfish personal gain is not impeachable conduct, then, Madam Speaker, I don’t know what is. I believe this is the most unfair, politically biased, rigged process that I have seen in my entire life. If Republicans want to defend the president’s indefensible behaviour, […]

UK election 2019: how the Tory triumph unfolded

This one nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate. This is obviously a very disappointing night for the Labour party. Tonight is terrible. It’s horrendous. It’s heartbreaking. Jo Swinson has lost her seat in Dunbartonshire East to the Scottish National Party. The most disastrous result for the Labour party. The worst result since 1935. [cheering […]

Biggest Esports Announcement Ever? | Custa News Network

winter wonderland overwatch League 2020 moves and the biggest announcement in overwatch League history this is Custa News Network First things first we got winter wonderland we got new skins the most important thing that everybody cares about with overwatch we’ve got doomfist skin obviously my favorite character I’m gonna crush with him that’s actually such cool skin […]

Footy Feed Headlines – Thursday May 18, 2017

Hello, Nat Edwards updating your Footy Feed Headlines. Well the Sydney Swans could be boosted by the return of stars Dane Rampe and Kurt Tippett for Saturday’s clash against St Kilda. The pair will train today, coach John Longmire confirming they will be available for selection if they get through the session. Melbourne ruckman Max Gawn has revealed […]

All the best bits from the 2019 TV BAFTAs! 🏆 – BBC

So welcome, thank you first of all to all of you for joining us here this evening the beautiful Royal Festival Hall For our annual celebration of the finest television this country has to offer Honestly so much great TV isn’t there I tell you you’ve all been working harder than the plug in air freshener at the […]

Flora fights off Bart and Gina’s destruction using social media | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Lola, we still don’t have enough customers. Yolly, you can’t make people forget about what happened here. Just be patient. Our customers will come back. Our dishes will go to waste. We called you here so we can talk about the viral memes about the recent incidents in our barangay. We need volunteers to make rounds in the […]

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