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let’s introduce our expert panel joining us from our political scene other from political dated march also with us from our townhall dot com national political reporter for channel dot com many carpenter gamecube is with us most of the young talks saw nixon satellite radios liberal or radio show and communications consultant e_j_ walker kinda sociological performed […]

2019.12.13 12:00 NEWS Headline

The world’s two largest economies have reached a phase one trade deal Amid heightened Washington the US says it hopes North Korea will refrain from further nuclear and long-range missile tests while warning the north against any Ill-advised actions following months of political deadlock over Britain’s departure from the European Union Voting has ended in the UK snap […]

Write Punchy Headlines Using This Free, Easy Tool

If you want to write better headlines, for blog posts, articles or even for pages at your website, this free tool can help. It’s the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer and here’s how it works. Go to AmInstitute.com/headline. In this box here, you’ll type a headline of no more than 20 words. Now, that’s a very long headline […]

ESPN Fires for “Chink in the Armor” Racist Jeremy Lin Headline

david beckham and she asked and david packard dot com get the commercial free podcast audio and video of the bonus you know as well as an archive of our shows that gets all the way back to other thousand five by the coming into the package remember could be the packing dot com slash membership that is […]

News & Improved: Trump Responds to Sondland

-Check out this first photo here. The original headline was, “Trump responds to Sondland.” The headline definitely can be improved because if you only looked at the photo, the headline could have been, “Christmas caroler won’t leave porch.” [ Laughter and applause ] ♪ Silent nights ♪ ♪ -All is wall ♪ -Check out this next photo. The […]


President Moon Jae-in reassures Korea’s top business leaders that his government is doing its best to resolve Japan’s tech sanctions against Korea. He also calls on Tokyo to end what he calls its “politically motivated” export curbs. It’s day two of the National Assembly’s interpellation session, with Japan’s trade restrictions high on the agenda. Lawmakers grill economy-related ministers […]


The U.S. agrees that Japan’s trade curbs against South Korea set a dangerous precedent and that American firms are bearing the brunt of them. This, according to Seoul’s trade minister, Yoo Myung-hee, following her trip to Washington. South Korean political parties agree to set up a consultative body later this week to address Japan’s export curbs. A group […]

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