Lightness. Good evening. If you just started watching, we’ve been talking about coronavirus death toll all week that doesn’t stop escalating. And it’s really hard not talking about that. Last week, Brazil joined the horrific group of only six countries where over 10 thousand people have died of Covid-19. And let’s be honest, the situation will get even […]

Daffy Duck Can’t Catch A Break | Duck Amuck | Looney Tunes | HBO Max

– Stand back musketeers. They shall sample my blade, touche. (Daffy grunting) Musketeers, hm? En guarde, eh? My blade? (dainty music) Hey, psst whoever’s in charge here. The scenery, where is the scenery? (upbeat music) Stand back musketeers. They shall sample my blade? Hm? Okay, have it your way. ♪ Daffy Duck he had a farm ♪ ♪ […]

Bad Education: Perception of Perfection | HBO

BOB SPICER:Based on SATs and college acceptance rates,-Roslyn is four. Four. -(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) HUGH JACKMAN: Bad Education tells a true story.A kind of shocking, and incredible crime storythat involved the largest theftof public school funds in American history. -(SCHOOL BELL RINGING) -Now, I play Frank Tassone,who was the superintendent of a Long Island schoolin Roslyn. He was very […]

Westworld: Creating Westworld’s Reality – Behind the Scenes of Season 3 Episode 8 | HBO

VINCENT CASSEL:When I first read the script, I thought,“Damn, it’s twisted.”Because it puts you, as an audience,in a very weird position.But it’s really interesting. ♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Who the fuck are you, Dolores? LISA JOY:We wanted to turn the gaze this seasonfrom how an A.I. can be similar to humans,to how humans are quite similar to […]

Lovecraft Country: Official Teaser | HBO

♪ One, two, three ♪♪ One, two, three ♪-He’s back. -(CHUCKLES)Getting reacquainted with old friends.(LAUGHS) ♪ (VOCALIZING) ♪ Uncle George, the reason I’m back home…my father. He’s gone missing.♪ One, two, three ♪♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ He wrote me. The place he wants me to go…it’s in Lovecraft country.♪ One, two, three ♪UNCLE GEORGE: This place…♪ One, […]


Good evening. Brazil is going through a worrisome outbreak. A serious epidemic that no one knows when or where it will stop. A live video outbreak. If you don’t know what a “live” is, you’re probably in the risk group. “Live” is a live video streaming that you can do on your phone. Artists are making good use […]

Betty: Subway to Screen | The Story Behind Betty | HBO

CRYSTAL MOSELLE:The term “Betty” in the skate worldhas gone through these different transformations.You know, at one point, it was like a skate Bettywith a girl who skateboarded. And then it goesto the girl who hung out with skateboard dudeswere like reclaiming the term, and making it our own. ♪ (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) ♪I haven’t seen a show on […]

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