‘Samir… you’re breaking the car!!!’ but it’s GTA V

3… 2… 1… Go! Fast sharp right Fast sharp right… Sharp right! Sharp right! Listen… Samir… You have to listen to my calls, Samir. Please… I beg you! Fast medium right! You are to turn the wheels, Samir – ehhh… Shut up, ya! – Fast medium left [something] downhill, triple caution! Triple caution! Stay center! TRIPLE CAUTION! Stay […]

We Try Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 Without Breaking Any Laws

– I’m just running away from the police right now because I did something illegal. (upbeat jazzy music) – Today we are here and we’re playing Grand Theft Auto Five without breaking any laws. – I’m just so, it’s ingrained in me to, like, obey the law and, like, not run people over. – I don’t think the […]

GTA Online Casino Update – Vysser Neo Released + NEW PODIUM CAR & HUGE Discounts

hey what's up everyone welcome back to another GTA online casino video my name is Saints man and it today is a Thursday and we are back to having new content come every Thursday it seems like the Tuesday that was last week that was kind of a one-off thing specifically for the DLC but we are back […]

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