Breaking Down Makeup & Costumes (& Gossip!) ft. Ariana Grande, Beyoncé & More Looks | All That

First time did that, I fell face- first. Mitchell, ahh.! It’s over. The first time we did Ariana Grande, was so breathtaking because it was the first time I think I’ve ever done a crazy hair and makeup process like that. We showed the writers and all of my classmates flipped out because Ariana was something that we […]

Shane Dawson Speaks Out on BREAK IN to HIS Home!

Shane Dawson surprise Basically everyone on the internet without warning with deleted scenes of his latest series and even footage of an ear break into his home What is up? Its your boy Andy Lalwani here from ricci studios in Hollywood and you’re watching what’s trending now Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for all your social media […]

World Leaders Caught Talking S**t About Trump | The Daily Show

The NATO summit. It’s the annual meeting of the world’s most powerful alliance. Sort of like if the Avengers were extremely concerned about steel tariffs. And yesterday, the meeting got off to a rocky start. President Trump had a testy exchange with the president of France. He called out Canada for not pulling its weight financially. And he […]

Is the British Media Covering Up this Royal Scandal?

In April 2019, US magazine In Touch published potentially scandalous news: the second in line to the throne of Great Britain and Northern Island, Prince William, was having an affair… The story immediately hit news headlines across the world – except for the newspapers in the United Kingdom. Why? According to the magazine, anonymous internal sources say Prince […]

Inside Rihanna’s Colorful Paper Magazine Photoshoot | Splash News TV

[02:54 [SPL1436202] Pap: Ri are we going to ge going to get a Love on the Brain video? Everyone’s asking, everyone’s asking. R: If you’re lucky. Pap: Ohh! R: Cause, I hope so. Pap: I hope so! Me too, me too!] But until that music video comes out, Rihanna fans can anticipate this extremely colorful photoshoot for Paper […]

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