Trump Feuds with France at the NATO Summit | The Daily Show

The impeachment of Donald Trump is getting closer. Today, the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee released a 300-page report outlining the conclusions of their impeachment inquiry. And while all of this was going on in D.C., Trump hopped on Air Force One and flew to the U.K. And obviously I’m not saying Trump is fleeing the country, […]

Google I/O 2012 – New Low-Level Media APIs in Android

JAMES DONG: Good afternoon. My name is James Dong. I’m working on the Android Media team. Today, I’m here to present you set of new low-level media APIs we published in Android Jellybean release. So this set of low-level media APIs allows the Java applications to directly access the low-level decoding, and the encoding capabilities of the media […]

“I am addicted to wonder” | Jason Silva | Google Zeitgeist

>>Jason Silva: I’m addicted to wonder. You know, Carl Sagan, he coined the term “wonder junkie” in the novel “Contact” to describe the Ellie Arroway character, to describe that existential itch, that existential restlessness that makes us seek out, to transcend our boundaries by any means necessary. Now, I also think that “wonder” is a precursor to awe. […]

SEO and PPC News | 17-09-18 Google Ads, Google Shopping & More

-In this week’s edition of search engine news we’re going to look at Google’s recent updates to exact match keywords and what it could mean for your business advertising on Google Ads. We also have staying with Google Ads a new ad format future tryouts for shopping campaigns to hopefully boost your engagement. Finally, following on from last […]

“Kids are not gonna subscribe to print newspapers EVER” | Jonah Peretti | Google Zeitgeist

>>Sal Masekela: You guys come from two very different backgrounds but yet both your companies are sort of positioned in this same place, sort of opening a new conversation about how we take in news. Quickly, a short abridged version, how did you guys get here? >>Jonah Peretti: So I got into this industry accidentally. I was a […]

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