How to Optimise for Dark Mode? | Canonical Chronicle, the weekly search news show

– So what’s the most common things SEO people do in the bedroom? ♪ My drumstick ♪ ♪ In your brain stop stick ♪ – No, no, no, not that. We surf the web on our phones, obviously. And because of all the late night surfing, our circadian rhythm is being really negatively affected by blue light. And […]

Bloomberg uses Google Translate to share breaking news with the world

In financial markets, getting information quickly is the name of the game. And our 5,000 engineers work on the systems that do this at scale. You’ll typically see a headline from a news event come out, and sometimes seconds later, the entire market move can be over. Bloomberg is a truly global company. Not only are our clients […]

AI News – Episode 2: The Epic Rap Battle

* AI-News Intro Music * Alexa: Welcome to Artificial Intelligence News! Here are today’s headlines: Siri understands the names of small local businesses. I am preparing to launch in Mexico and, I am learning to notify you when I learn something new. Our first music special: rap battle with a very special guest Siri: I’ve learned to understand […]

Behavioral Change in the Age of Social Media: Marshall Goldsmith

[MUSIC] Hi, I’m here today in Rancho Santa Fe, California, sitting with Marshall Goldsmith, and we’re going to talk about a number of things. We’re going to talk about digital media and social media, leadership, and behavioral change. Marshall, thanks for joining me today.>>Happy to be here.>>It’s so great to see you. We all have our phones in […]

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