Harry Styles’ Hidden Camera Prank on a Pizza Delivery Guy: Extended Cut

Right now Harry is in his dressing room. I have ordered him a pizza. The pizza delivery guy will be there soon. Harry is wearing an ear piece. He has to say and do whatever I tell him to. Harry, if you can hear me, crow like a rooster. [CROWING] [LAUGHTER] That’s more like a crow. Oh, is […]

How To Stop Social Media Ruining Your Relationship | SISTER

Have you ever looked through my DMs? We’ve had full-blown arguments via Whatsapp. Yeah, full-blown. Yeah yeah, nice. Across the room from each other. You – are – so – annoying! Silent, it’s like a silent rave. No but they didn’t ask are you married, they didn’t say can I marry you… But obviously you know – ….they […]

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